DevOps Engineer

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Einblick Analytics, an MIT and Brown University spin-off,  aims to enable everyone to make an impact through data not opinions. Our belief is that those who understand data the fastest, win. This requires us to empower more people to make use of their data and tremendously reduce the time to insight/model. 

Our technology to achieve this goal has been developed over the last five years at MIT and Brown University and won several prizes, including DARPA’s D3M Automated Machine Learning competitions. Now at einblick analytics, we are commercializing this research and are building a data science platform with the most innovative user interface and backend.


  • Designing, building and maintaining the infrastructure used to run Einblick in multi-tenant, single-tenant, and self-hosted versions
  • Implementing and maintaining internal tools to facilitate the development, testing, and building of the product
  • Writing code to automate processes for spinning up infrastructure, dev environments, and other tools
  • Setting up tools to monitor infrastructure and product performance, stability and security
  • Collaborating with the engineering team to design and plan infrastructure features needed to support the product
  • Helping grow the team and build a strong dev ops culture

We're looking for engineers who have

  • A passion for building high quality production grade infrastructure that inspires confidence internally and externally
  • Experience with the core infrastructure products that Einblick runs on including Kubernetes, AWS, GCP
  • Interest and curiosity about the bigger picture of building a company, including go-to-market, customer development, team building and marketing
  • At least 3-5 years experience as a DevOps Engineer

It's also great if you have

  • Kots/Replicated, Gitlab and Python experience
  • Experience in building/customizing infrastructure to work in a variety of customer environments
  • Experience or interest in data analysis / data science, using, building, or integrating with modern technologies in this space

Interested? Just reach out to us.