About Einblick

Einblick Analytics, an MIT and Brown University spin-off, aims to enable everyone to make an impact through data, not opinions. Our belief is that those who understand data the fastest win. This requires empowering more people to make use of their data and tremendously reduce the time required to gain insights and build models.

Our technology to achieve this goal has been developed over the last five years at MIT and Brown University, winning several prizes, including DARPA’s D3M Automated Machine Learning competition. Now at Einblick Analytics we are commercializing this research. We are building a data science platform with the most innovative user interface and backend where everyone can effortlessly, almost playfully, interact with and model their data.

The result? Einblick is the first collaborative visual data computing platform for descriptive analytics, predictive analytics, and prescriptive analytics.

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Experts across the stack

The Einblick team brings together top academic experts and engineering leaders to deliver cutting-edge data science technology. Our team includes computer scientists from MIT and Brown University and has published 20+ peer-reviewed publications on the core technology behind Einblick.