March 1st - 31st, 2022

A datathon for public good - 🏆 $1000 

Let's do some research about Massachusetts.


We like our home state... and we like data science too

Who We Are

We're a Cambridge, MA based company, born from 6+ years of research at MIT & Brown University.

Our product is a visual data whiteboarding platform. You can combine Python, SQL, and no code operations to create workflows on a analytics canvas. We're the fastest way to explore data, build accurate ML models, and share results in real time.  

The Competition

There are gigabytes of untapped data about Massachusetts. We want to encourage folks to use this public data to create interesting and actionable insights.

This might be as simple as just a single really insightful bar chart. Or maybe you will use machine learning to build a prediction. Surprise us! Judging will be based on potential for impact (40%), originality (30%), and creativity (30%). 

To help you out, we are giving all competition participants a free, 2 month license to Einblick Pro, our web-based data science boards. We'd love for you to give us some feedback as you use our product as well, and if you have any questions, shoot us an email at

The Prize

A $1000 prize will be distributed to top teams based on judging from academic experts (e.g. MIT faculty) and data science industry leaders. 

Prizes are as follows (Individual/Team):

  • 1st Place: $500 
  • 2nd Place: $300 
  • 2 x 3rd Place: $100 
  • 1 Year of Einblick Pro for free to top 10 teams

*No affiliation with the state government. But Governor Baker (and all competitors), you can always shoot us an email if you want to learn more. 

Use Public Data from Massachusetts

Your dataset must be an open source dataset that references some geography within State of Massachusetts, whether a single census tract, a city, or the entire state. 

Share Your Results in Our Software

To submit, you must submit an Einblick workspace link on this page by March 31, 2022 11:59pm ET. No code workflows can be used if you don't code, and Python is supported for those who want to reproduce notebooks. 

Anything Is Submittable, But Don't Cheat

You may submit outputs of any kind and there is no limit to how simple or complex. You may reuse your past work, but it must be your original work. All submissions must be made available under the MIT license.

Work Alone or Together

You can enter the competition as a solo competitor, or as a team. Prizes will be divided equally among the team. You may only enter once with each group of people.