Data Scientists x Einblick

Connect to databases, flat files, or S3 buckets, and work on datasets up to TB in scale with no special prep needed. 

Create hybrid code / no code workflows that makes it easier to get to answers faster than Jupyter can, and train better models than hand tuning. 

Use real-time collaboration to get the team's insight, iterate faster, and eliminate the the back and forth around data decisioning.

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Visually query your data to explore. Then, use AutoML to quickly identify which drivers cause the target outcome.


No code tools slow down work by limiting expert users, but coding is not shareable. 

Large datasets cannot be easily analyzed without specialized compute systems.

Questions are frequently open-ended, and not well-structured at first for analysis. 

Einblick's answer 

Einblick Is a “No Unnecessary Code” Platform allowing hybrid workflows. 

Our progressive computation engine lets results return instantly, even when you connect to TBs of data. 

Stakeholders and analysts collaborate in real-time, and solve problems together live. 

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See how Einblick lets you easily explore data, and rapidly get to predictive insights.

Use Cases
With Einblick, your analysis options are limitless. Dive into results using powerful no-code operators 

Target Promotions

  • Identify key drivers of campaign performance.
  • Combine these factors into models that predict customer response rates.
  • Then, use the what-if operator to
    uncover different response and profitability scenarios and determine the next best action.

Perform Root Cause Analysis

  • Whether a store or a SKU, it's not always clear what causes over- and under-performance.
  • With Key Driver Analysis, Einblick can scan across hundreds of characteristics to surface key insights about what differentiates "winners" and "losers."

ML-Based Product Personalization

  • Cross-sell new categories by identifying what your customers want to buy next.
  • Combine CRM data with customer shopping history in Einblick to tailor product recommendations to your customers.

Retain Customers

  • Einblick helps identify high risk / high opportunity customers by identifying the key drivers of churn.
  • Develop models to predict purchasing cycles.

Make Better Real Estate Decisions

  • Avoid building on the wrong sites or with best-in-class AutoML allows you to create more accurate new store growth projections.
  • Set the right new store forecasts.