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Export Analytic Outputs with Ease Using Einblick’s PowerPoint Add-in

Good analysis is incomplete before it is successfully communicated to decision makers. But many traditional data science tools have inflexible outputs, that are not designed to be inserted into presentations. Formatting and customization can be tricky, and iteration on analysis or updating results might mean having to repulling an entire presentation’s worth of screenshots. 

With Einblick’s new PowerPoint Add-in, you won’t have to deal with static data visualizations any longer. Plots and charts come alive, allowing you to customize colors, text, shapes, and animations to your liking

Perfectly formatted and animated data visualizations

In this first video, we’ll walk through a quick example of inserting a visualization into a PowerPoint presentation, and customizing it using PowerPoint’s image and text editing tools. Einblick also includes some helpful bulk customization options as well to help you integrate outputs into presentations better.  

Keeping your visualizations up-to-date

What happens if we change the data underlying it? With the Einblick PowerPoint Add-in, you can update all visualizations inside your presentations with the click of a button, preserving any formatting you have applied. In this final video, we’ll see how the updating process works through a short example.

The above videos cover some of the possibilities Einblick’s new PowerPoint add-in offers with regards to enhancing PowerPoint presentations. Presenting insightful data visualizations doesn’t have to fall flat any longer. We can’t wait to see what everyone ends up creating with it! 

If you like to learn more about Einblick, we encourage you to directly reach out to us.