Speed is the core of freelancing. Manage and solve your clients' projects x3 faster with Einblick*.

Never wait for a result. Einblick's computation engine will return your results in <1s. Independently from the size of your data.

Einblick is fast because it automatically scales your computations up to 10TB, mimicking the behavior of the best data scientist.

Everybody is welcome!

Einblick is a code-last platform, so it welcomes everybody independently from their background. Everybody can contribute to the analysis. 

Alignment on Expectations, Done Right.

The main complaint that we hear from freelancers is "expectation mismatch". Invite your clients directly in the workspace and discuss with them strategic goals.

Without Trust, there is no Collaboration

Leverage Einblick's secure environment to build trust and confidence with your clients. Einblick is an "in-memory" analytics platform and your clients data will not leave their databases if they don't want to.

React to Follow up Questions. Fast.

Quickly go at the root cause of anomalies, issues or simply follow up questions. No more follow up emails, hold meetings in Einblick and answer your client's question right away.

Why Einblick?

The fastest way to go from raw data to actionable insights


Brainstorm and Iterate Together

It's time data science became truly collaborative. Our browser-based data boards let your team team brainstorm and ideate together. Build insights, create analysis, and iterate on a single unbounded canvas


Everyone Should Be Using Data

Einblick offers both a rich library of no code operators, and native Python integration. Users of all technical backgrounds are enabled with the power to visualize data with a single click, build and deploy models, and perform what-if analysis.


Fast, Really Fast

Einblick easily connects to your data from our browser-based software. Then, use our research-backed technology, like progressive computation, to work quickly, even on datasets up to terabytes in size.