The no-code platform that transforms data into insights into working models, in real time.
All on a single pane of glass.

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The power of data is in how you use it. 

Einblick is the only web-based application that connects directly to all of your data sources and lets you unearth and validate insights in real time

Remove the noise and start acting on what matters.

See Everything. Change Anything. Share Everything.
Mountains of data, from multiple sources? Einblick works great to build end-to-end workflows on very large or complex datasets. Our platform loads all of your data, aggregates, cleans, visualizes, and builds models – all in the blink of an eye.

Validate Ideas Faster
Don’t get constrained by lack of data team bandwidth. Our no code functionality lets you build robust workflows, while built-in guardrails and explainers make it simple to be confident in results. Transform your ideas into a first working model in less than an hour.

All Together Now
Remote or in person, your team can now co-work on a shared virtual canvas. Real-time workspace synchronization and embedded video-conferencing enable a radical shift in how analytics collaboration happens. Get together, connect a dataset, and start brainstorming and whiteboarding. It’s collaboration, unbounded.

Tell and Show
Storytelling is a snap. We make it easy to present to collaborators, leadership teams, and clients through integration with PowerPoint, dashboards, or simply using the Einblick virtual canvas. Einblick makes models explainable, and makes projects move forward, faster.

How it Works

See how Einblick lets you easily explore data, and rapidly get to predictive insights.

Drag to move around the canvas, scroll to zoom in and out. Or, open the workspace in a free account and try playing around yourself!