Our visual data science canvas adds machine learning into your product analytics toolkit.

Einblick uses unique process mining operators to transform your raw log, usage, or telemetry data into ML model inputs, letting you target key customer behavior. No code needed. 

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We know Einblick works well for product analytics, because we use it every day. 

We use: Segment, Mixpanel, Einblick

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We can connect to your data store (Snowflake, S3, etc...) and get to a prototype ML model in just minutes. Give us a shot. 

Predict Conversions from Trials

Our unique process mining operators turn detailed customer journey into accurate machine learning features to predict conversion. We have a freemium product so this is quite important to us!

Feature Recommendation

Help out your customer success team. Identify which users are likely to use a particular feature, and recommend it to whoever is missing out. It really great for new feature releases! 

Churn Prediction

Your CRM is almost definitely not the best analytics tool. We'll consume all the information directly from your data warehouse and combine them build a better model for customer churn. 

What's Different About Einblick?

The fastest way to go from raw data to actionable insights


Brainstorm and Iterate Together

It's like Figma or Miro, but for analytics workflows! Bring your whole team together in real time on our data boards, build visuals, create analysis, and get to decisions faster. 


Everyone Should Be Using Data

Don't get constrained by data science bandwidth. Einblick offers both a rich library of no code operators, and native Python integration. Users of all technical backgrounds are enabled with the power to visualize data with a single click, build and deploy models, and perform what-if analysis.


Fast, Really Fast

Einblick easily connects to your data from our browser-based software. Then, use our research-backed technology, like progressive computation, to work quickly, even on datasets up to terabytes in size.