Einblick + Shopify

Our Shopify integration transforms your sales and customer data into actionable insights.

There's more to life than Excel and Google Analytics. Einblick's no code analytics platform integrates with Shopify to let you build the next level of insight about your data. 

  • One-click deploy configured dashboards reporting a 360 degree view of the business. Then, dive deeper into custom insights, no SQL needed.Use 
  • Identify the key drivers of customer behavior, and understand who purchases vs. who bounces
  • Forecast inventory, sales, and more with our award winning AutoML engine. 

Learn more about how to build comprehensive retail analytics views. 

Special introductory offer: 1 month free trial ($100 / month license)


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Key Driver Analysis

Quickly scan across 100s of characteristics to understand what is driving differences in performance.

Quickly answer questions like: "how do the profiles of people who bounce compare to those who purchase" or "how does my customer profile differ based on what they buy?"





Customizable Dashboards

Einblick will automatically deploy configured outputs based on views that help drive sales and better customer experiences, ranging from high-level performance tracking to more detailed breakouts. 

All views can be further configured using our no-code analytics platform: easily adapt the dashboards to your organization, create new outputs, and incorporate custom fields. 

Guided Predictive Analytics

Use Einblick’s award-winning interactive autoML tool allows you to easily run advanced analytics on your customers. Forecast inventory, predict customer return behavior, optimize your marketing - all with Einblick’s guided analytic workflow. 





One-Click Shopify Integration 

Einblick features automatic extraction of all relevant Shopify datasets into a single pre-configured data warehouse. Save a month of work of building your own data warehouse to go beyond what Shopify can offer you. Integrating your entire store's activities into a single view is the best way to drive best customer experiences.

PowerPoint Output Synchronization 

Safe hours of work preparing PowerPoint presentations for your team. With Einblick you can directly export to PowerPoint, build powerful animations, fully adjust the color-scheme, and keep all charts up-to-date with a click of a button.