No matter your industry, your business, or your role, Einblick can empower you to rapidly make data-driven decisions.

  • Optimize staffing levels with Covid-19
  • Forecast demand under changing market conditions
  • Optimize marketing campaigns

Banking & Insurance

  • Optimize customer acquisition
  • Update models quickly and react to current events
  • Develop marketing strategies based on client needs


  • Forecast product demand
  • Predict maintainance
  • Optimize production line staffing


  • Make data-informed policies
  • Measure the impact of programs
  • Estimate the effect of future policies


  • Monitor production and extraction plants’ throughput
  • Examine plant's environmental impact
  • Detect anomalies in the distribution network


  • Quickly prototype admission risk models
  • Optimize risk management
  • Forecast occupancy in crisis situations

Employee retention rate for a large car manufacturing

Use Case I

Hiring and retaining talent is harder than ever before.

Einblick collaborated with a world-leading car manufacturer to help them retain their best talent. Einblick's AutoML engine and built-in data mining techniques identified early warning signs that an employee is at risk of leaving or being fired. 

Einblick’s ML-enabled dashboards turned these insights into action, and are used today to help to inform Human Resources about the employees who are at risk, so that early intervention can be taken.

Predicting food availability in Ethiopia

Use Case II

In recent decades global warming, armed conflicts, and floods posed a serious threat to developing countries' agriculture. Einblick has partnered with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, USAID, and some of the leading research institutions in Ethiopia to forecast food production levels and optimize the timely intervention of humanitarian aid.

Optimizing Social and Environmental Impact of Extraction Plants

Use Case III

The energy industry is rapidly evolving to address the opportunities and risks of climate change. Industry-leading organizations are now leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to engage with local communities to promote a culture of inclusion and sustainability.

Einblick analyzed household income, education levels, and medical data to investigate extraction plants’ influence on local populations. The analysis will help decision-makers define new strategies to improve the plants’ social and environmental impact on the surrounding communities.

Stress Levels in Ethiopia Health Workers

Use Case IV

COVID-19 put unprecedented pressure on hospitals worldwide, but, in developing countries, the pandemic took a higher toll on health workers. In those countries, the endemic lack of resources, combined with a global pandemic's insecurity, created an explosive mix.

Einblick has been used to conduct primary research into stress levels among health workers. Among the conclusions, we found that trust in national media sources has a crucial positive impact on their stress levels. By contrast, trust in social media harmed their psychological well-being, emphasizing the dangers of incorrect information.