Startups x Einblick

Your team is small, but mighty. Einblick enables them to start using your data with no code tools.

It takes less than 5 minutes to connect to data, and get to a first insight. Advanced data science workflows can be composed visually, letting you replace both SQL and Python with no code capabilities.

Then, bring the team together in the workspace to have discussions and iterate faster. It's a collaborative canvas for data science. 

Try Pro for 14 days, then use Basic for free. Startups with <$25 MM funding can get up to 3 licenses free for the first year. 


Visually query your data to explore. Then, use AutoML to quickly identify which drivers cause the target outcome.


Dashboards and Excel are the primary source of strategic analysis, but they're slow and static. 

Few specialist data analysts in the team, and their bandwidth is strapped. 

Questions are frequently open-ended, and not well-structured at first for analysis. 

Einblick's answer 

Rapidly prototype analytics projects and get to answers. 

Intuitive visual workflows and no code operators enable everyone to pitch in.

Stakeholders and analysts collaborate in real-time, and solve problems together live. 


See how Einblick lets you easily explore data, and rapidly get to predictive insights.

Drag to move around the canvas, scroll to zoom in and out. Or, open the workspace in a free account and try playing around yourself!