Data science at the speed of thought

Einblick is the fastest and most collaborative way to explore data, create predictions, and deploy data apps.

A more visual way to work

Our canvases radically change data science workflows by making it so much easier to explore, clean, and manipulate data on a novel interface.

Collaborate with stakeholders

We are the only platform that let you collaborate in real time with your whole team. Decision making is a group activity, so let’s get everyone involved.

Machine learning simplified

Don’t waste time hand tuning models. Our AutoML is focused on helping you create explainable predictions and identify key drivers without fuss.

Abstract the boring

Einblick packages common analytics functionality into easy-to-use operators that let you abstract repetitive task and get to answers faster.

Every data source, any size data

From Snowflake to S3 buckets to CSV files – connect your data source and start getting to answers within minutes.

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Pull all your data sources together, and build actionable insights on a single unified platform.

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