Top 3 innovations from AWS re:Invent 2022

Benedetto Buratti - December 7th, 2022

Last week Einblick’s team returned from the AWS re:Invent conference, the company’s flagship conference for everything related to their cloud computing ecosystem. This year's conference was attended by a whopping 60,000 tech industry professionals, including developers, engineers, and business leaders. The conference is an important venue for Einblick, as it offers a unique opportunity for us to learn about the latest developments in the AWS ecosystem, network with industry experts, and discover valuable integration ideas for our platform. Here are our three main takeaways from the conference:

Amazon DataZone

The most interesting news for Einblick was the introduction of DataZone. Amazon DataZone is a new data cataloging, management and governance service that enables organizations to manage access to data in a transparent and secure way regardless of where the data is stored. It connects with Amazon’s most popular data storage systems (e.g. Redshift, Athena etc.) and provides enhanced AI powered search capabilities to browse the organization catalog and receive suggestions of business terms specific to the organization. DataZone has an API that can connect to Snowflake and Tableau that is designed to improve collaboration with data through easier access to data and the creation of personalized views.

Amazon Quicksight Q

QuickSight is AWS’s business intelligence dashboarding tool. With this year’s updates, the AWS team added more than 90 features, like streamlined dashboard and analysis printing, customer operation reports in the cloud, and multiple reporting systems for reporting format. However, the most interesting addition to Quicksight was Quicksight Q. Quicksight Q is a new interface that allows users to ask questions about their data, like they would type in a search result in Google. For example, a natural language query like “sales this year by segment” would pull up the number of sales this year, broken down by customer segment. This innovation allows users to extract insights about the data without a data scientist. The system is able to produce relevant visualizations by understanding the user’s business terminology and the relationship among data sources. Lastly, the Quicksight team added some new machine learning capabilities, including anomaly detection and forecasting.

Amazon Aurora zero-ETL

Zero-ETL is a new Aurora integration that enables near real-time analytics and machine learning using Redshift on high volume data from Aurora. This application’s main benefit is to remove the necessity of custom ETL pipelines (hence the name zero-ETL). Zero-ETL makes it easier to quickly analyze Aurora transactional data and build dashboards, ML models, and views.

Overall, attending Amazon re:Invent has been a rewarding experience for our team and we definitely look forward to attending next year's conference.


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