Launching ChartGen AI: The Future of Data Visualization

Becca Weng - September 13th, 2023

In today's data-driven world, the ability to convey insights through compelling visuals is paramount. From business reports to academic research, data visualization plays a pivotal role in making complex information accessible and understandable. However, the journey from raw data to stunning charts and graphs can often be a tedious and time-consuming process, often requiring a deep understanding of not only your data and the business problem at hand, but also the intricacies of dozens of data visualization tools and techniques.

Enter ChartGen AI, our groundbreaking new online application. ChartGen AI promises to change the way we create charts and graphs, making it easier, faster, and more accessible than ever before. When we launched Einblick Prompt, the AI agent embedded in every canvas-based notebook, a few months ago, we got an overwhelming response. Users loved being able to simply input a natural language query inside of a data notebook, and get back entire data workflows with Prompt. In particular, users were drawn to the possibility of AI charting. Thus ChartGen AI was born, as a free, standalone product.

Now you can create beautiful charts and graphs with as little as one sentence. In this blog post, we'll explore what ChartGen AI can do, how you can get started, and why AI-powered chart making is the next revolution in data visualization.

From Data to Chart in Seconds

From data to chart in seconds, all you need is one sentence. Our focus in building ChartGen AI was a highly intuitive UI, and speed. It’s also completely free, with no account setup required.

Step 1: Upload Data

You can either upload your dataset or link to a Google Sheet. No need for complex data preparation or formatting.

Step 2: Describe Your Chart

Describe the chart you want in natural language. For example, "Create a pie chart of col_1" or "Plot a histogram of col_2."

Step 3: Generate Chart

Click “Generate.” That's it! In just three straightforward steps, you'll have your chart ready for download as either a PNG or an SVG. If you want to tweak your chart's appearance, simply add details to your prompt. For instance, "Use a pastel color palette" or "Make the axis labels bigger."

Check out ChartGen AI today!

Why ChartGen AI Matters: Saving Time and Boosting Productivity

Forget about dealing with finicky pivot tables, or hundreds of toggles, options, and sliders in traditional BI tools like Excel and Tableau. With ChartGen AI, you can directly upload your dataset or link to a Google Sheet, and get straight to chart creation. ChartGen AI offers customization at your fingertips. Want a specific color palette or more bins in your histogram? Just add a few words to your prompt, and ChartGen AI adapts accordingly.

Rapid Results without Data Preprocessing

ChartGen AI delivers charts in seconds. With ChartGen AI, you can directly upload your dataset or link to a Google Sheet. Say goodbye to data preprocessing, forget about dealing with finicky pivot tables, and get straight to chart creation.

Leverage Generative AI for Impact

Generative AI can be used in a variety of applications, but the space of AI charting is particularly appealing. After all, before you can create a chart, you have to know what it should look like–you have to be able to describe it. It is at this point in the process that ChartGen AI intervenes, and allows you to create visualizations faster than ever before.

Accessibility for All

ChartGen AI democratizes data visualization. It's user-friendly, making it accessible to those without advanced technical skills, while benefiting those who have the technical skills, but lack the time resources.

Try ChartGen AI Today

If you're looking to create stunning charts and graphs effortlessly, ChartGen AI should be your go-to tool. Whether you're a data novice or an experienced analyst, ChartGen AI streamlines the chart making process.

Say farewell to the complexity of charting tools and embrace the simplicity of ChartGen AI. Try it today and experience the power of AI-driven chart creation. Unlock a new era of data visualization that's easier, faster, and more accessible than ever before.

If you try out ChartGen AI, drop us a line! We love feedback. It's how we grow, and improve as a company.

Sample Prompts

ChartGen AI can create and modify different kinds of charts so that you can explore relationships between variables in your data, and ultimately extract meaningful insights. Try some of the following:

Create different kinds of charts and graphs

  • “Create a pie chart of col_1”
  • “Plot a histogram of col_2”
  • “Create a box plot of col_3”

Explore relationships between variables

  • “Plot the distribution of col_1, color by col_4”
  • “Create a scatter plot of col_1 vs. col_2, color by col_4.”
  • “Create a grid of plots of col_1 vs. col_2, divide by col_4.”

Customize your histogram

  • “...using a pastel color palette.”
  • “...use 20 bins.”
  • “...make the axis labels bigger.”


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