Embed data analysis dashboards in Notion

Paul Yang - December 1st, 2022

Publishing Data Analysis Dashboards in Notion from Einblick

If you use Notion as your organization's documentation, source of truth, or shared Wiki, it makes sense to centralize your analytics reporting into the documents as well.

With Einblick's web-native hosted whiteboards, you can publish your SQL, Python, and charts into your internal documentation in less than 5 minutes!

Step 1: Add an Embed block into your Notion page. Einblick dashboards render great in the default Notion Embed blocks.

Step 2: Determine who should get access to your Einblick workspace

  • Share with specific users: Grant access to just specific people in your organization. They will need an Einblick account in order to view these documents.
  • Share with everyone**: Einblick allows you to allow you to give access to everyone with a link - just like you might in Google Docs

Step 3: Position the Canvas to the Default View

You will be able to zoom and drag to move around on the embedded canvas, but position yourself on the Einblick canvas to where you want the canvas to start by default

Step 4: Grab the Embed URL from Einblick

Click on the "Get embed code" button in the Share tab, and then find the URL which includes "embed=true" as well as the X,Y,Z coordinates for the canvas

Step 5: Paste the link into the Notion block and resize to fit

And then you are all done! Your data analysis will either be available to all viewers of the Notion document, or to the users you gave permissions to the workspace.

**Note: Users may have to be logged in to Einblick to view the canvas if you granted permissions to individual users.

If you want to authenticate with everyone in your organization, contact sales@einblick.ai about getting a Team account.

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