Einblick Emerges from Stealth with $6 Million in Seed Funding to Launch First Visual Data Computing Platform

Today we are proud to announce our seed funding and the launch of our Founding Customer Program. The official press release was published on PR Newswire and can also be found below.

Cambridge, MA, December 9, 2020Einblick, a visual data computing platform provider, based on years of research at MIT and Brown University, today announced it has secured $6 million in Seed funding from lead investor Amplify Partners with participation from top-tier investors Flybridge and Samsung Next. Einblick is launching the first visual data computing platform that fundamentally changes how users interact with data by providing the fastest way to understand the past, predict the future and make the best data-driven decisions for their business. 

Additionally, Sunil Dhaliwal, General Partner at Amplify Partners, joins Einblick’s board of directors. The funding will be used to continue investing in building a world-class engineering team, as well as expanding its sales and marketing capacity. 

“Organizations are challenged by making data-driven decisions to achieve the best business outcome,” said Tim Kraska, Founder and CEO at Einblick. “With Einblick’s visual data computing platform, business analysts and data scientists in organizations of all sizes can analyze past data, build predictive models and simulate scenarios all in the same platform to quickly make data-driven decisions.”

“Our research shows that it is still very difficult for organizations to develop and evaluate descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics,” said David Menninger, SVP and Research Director at Ventana Research. “In this changing economic climate, a visual computing platform that makes these capabilities more accessible is critical to enable users to collaborate and make quick data-driven decisions.”

Early Einblick customers report significant benefits. A global manufacturer is using the visual data computing platform to accurately identify root causes of product quality defects in manufacturing production lines and to reveal key drivers for employee retention. A global internet provider has used it to compare network performance and outages across geographies to predict service disruptions and proactively resolve them. Uniquely, across all early customers, Einblick has allowed organizations to optimize decision making by bringing together analysts and business stakeholders.

How Einblick’s Visual Data Computing Platform Works

Einblick is a visually interactive data collaboration environment that data scientists and analysts can use to understand the meaning hidden in their data. Traditional analytic tools are not collaborative and are focused solely on either descriptive analytics (traditionally business intelligence tools), predictive analytics (typically self-service data science tools) or prescriptive analytics (nascent market with few providers). Einblick provides an integrated environment for descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics with the following key features:

  • Einblick’s descriptive analytics enables users to quickly integrate new data, correlate it with existing data, clean it and explore it. Key driver analysis assists users in finding out what really happened. 
  • Einblick’s advanced AutoML predictive analytic capability reveals the potential impact of changes in the business by building models quickly and easily. With Einblick, these models are not just black boxes, but rather can be used to understand the hidden meaning behind changes in the data. 
  • Einblick’s novel what-if analysis and optimization capability allows users to decide what to do through prescriptive analytics.

“DARPA Information Innovation Office (I2O) funded the research behind the Einblick platform as part of the Data Driven Discovery of Models (D3M) program, which aims to achieve at least 10x improvement in enabling decision makers to predict behaviors and answer what-if questions,” said Joshua Elliott, Program Manager, DARPA. “We see huge potential for Einblick to solve critical automated prescriptive analytic challenges for commercial organizations and government agencies, and we have already started to work with several partners to put Einblick into production.”

“Business analysts and data scientists struggle with analytics tools that are not collaborative, only provide descriptive analytic dashboards, and don’t guide them to the best business outcome,” said Sunil Dhaliwal, General Partner at Amplify Partners and member of the Einblick board of directors. “Einblick’s platform is the first to bring these capabilities together in a platform that combines lightning fast data analysis, an intuitive user experience and effortless collaboration.” 

“We are impressed with Einblick’s strong technical team and the advancements they have made in automated machine learning in a short period of time,” said Vincent Tang, Principal Investor, Samsung Next. “Data complexity is increasing tremendously, and we believe Einblick is well suited to capture the market.”