Einblick is a 2021 IDC Innovator for BI and Decisioning Software Solutions

Einblick is excited to share that it has been chosen as an IDC Innovator in Business Intelligence and Decisioning Software Solutions. This means that we have been recognized as an emerging vendor which has “a groundbreaking business model or an innovative new technology.” We are honored to be recognized, and appreciate the validation for our novel approach to analytics, which empowers real time collaboration on an intuitive visual-based workflow.

Sr. Analyst Raymond Huo writes, “Over the decades, the business intelligence software market has gone through several cycles of innovation with the latest one focused on infusion of AI and ML algorithms to automate the analytics workflow in support of decision making.” This is exactly aligned to our belief that the future of data analytics doesn’t lie with more dashboards, but a team of users nimbly tackling strategic questions with the full toolkit of data science.

Since analytics are not a linear process, Einblick allows users to seamlessly transition between descriptive and predictive analysis. Our workspaces are all unbounded canvas supports full end-to-end workflows, with data transformation, drag-and-drop data visualizations, and no code analytic operators like AutoML and Key Driver Analysis.

As importantly, Einblick supports real time multiplayer mode in workspaces. Decision making has always been a group activity, requiring discussion. Making decisions with data is no different. When analytics tools are about static dashboards viewed asynchronously, or environment agnostic notebooks, organizations will struggle to have the right discussion about their data. With Einblick, the whole team can participate start-to-finish and stakeholders can be involved starting from exploratory analysis through model productionalization.

Ultimately, it’s no longer enough to have a small team of dedicated data scientists – we make it possible to have a deep roster to attack the full range of data science questions. Only Einblick democratizes advanced functionality to yesterday’s BI Developers and Business Analysts while being a productivity tool for expert data scientists.

You can read more about it on their site here. Or try Einblick out today for free: