Einblick for Startups

A single platform to go from visualizations to machine learning

Working with data has never been easier

There are so many questions and hypotheses, and not enough bandwidth. Einblick’s intuitive visual interface lets you find answers, create visuals, and use machine learning faster than ever before.

Whiteboard your analysis as a team

Einblick is the only platform that supports real-time multiplayer analytics, so the whole team can join, discuss, and decide.

Start immediately, with no overhead

No troubleshooting with IT or fumbling setting up environments. Einblick is a fully hosted web-based platform that connects directly to your data sources.

Optimize marketing campaigns

Use machine learning to identify the populations for whom a campaign worked best, and those who maybe need something new.

Explore the canvas below by using your mouse to navigate or click “open” in the top right.

Start using Einblick

Pull all your data sources together, and build actionable insights on a single unified platform.

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