How do companies communicate analytical results? PowerPoint

As much as we want to believe that companies use live dashboards and sophisticated collaboration tools to share, communicate, and discuss analytical results, the reality is different: PowerPoint is everywhere. It’s the main medium to convey results. But inevitably, it will not support the full scope of the meeting’s content.

So, while data tools have continued to rapidly advance and evolve around us, we still:

  1. Spend hours copying screenshots (dead pixels) into PowerPoint 
  2. Struggle with keeping all the results up-to-date and lose track of what version of the data was used in which slide
  3. And most importantly, always have to take “questions offline” as we struggle to make adjustments of our dead pixels on the fly

How much time would be saved if you could triage these requests live? Better yet, what if the products generating the insights were linked to your presentations enabling anyone who received the presentations to follow the lineage to the original analysis and ask their own “what-if” questions?

At Einblick, we recognize that in order to democratize data science you have to think as much about how an organization makes decisions as you think about enabling people with tools that inform a decision. While we are pushing organizations to adopt tools to operationalize data science outputs like APIs and dashboards, we also recognize that embedding our products in the core productivity suite that exists today is a part of the journey we are taking with our customers. 

That’s why we chose to invest in workflows like our PowerPoint integrations early. Today in Einblick you can take any workspace or analysis and seamlessly embed it into a PowerPoint presentation. Once embedded we provide a full suite of capabilities such as:

  • The ability to reformat and animate visualizations using PowerPoint’s native tools. 
  • Automation to update results based on the latest data. Don’t copy the same results over and over again. 
  • Transparency and easy access to the lineage of the underlying workspace generating an output. Answer questions right on the spot by going back to the original visual and interactive analysis. 

Learn more about our features here.