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Annotations are an easy way to add text to a canvas for explanations, notes or other comments. To create an annotation, simply draw an annotation cell from the top menu, or click below the cell that you want to annotate.

Annotations use the Commonmark markup language to enable rich text editing. A full set of commands is available at Annotations also support git flavored markdown, which can be found here

Raw HTML is also supported, and will be parsed and rendered in the annotation.

Video Embedding

Youtube and Google Drive videos can be embedded into annotations by including a link to the video in the annotation markdown.

YouTube links can be in any format, but Google Drive links should be in the following format. This format should be easily accessible either through the Get Link functionality in Google Drive, or just by copying the url when viewing the file.[FILE_ID]/view

Bookmark Embedding

Bookmarks can be embedded into annotations in order to create links from annotations to canvas positions. To add an embedded bookmark, copy a bookmark link and add it to the annotation markdown. When the markdown is rendered, a bookmark button will be shown that can be clicked to navigate to that bookmark.