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The table operator can be used to display the content of a single dataframe in table format. It provides basic spreadsheet functionality like column resizing and row sorting, along with more advanced tools like aggregation operations and filtering.

Table operators are produced by default when dragging a new dataframe onto the canvas.


Sorting Columns

The table can quickly be sorted by the values in a specific column by clicking the column header. Select your desired sort order on the column. You can sort multiple columns at once.

Selecting a Subet of Columns

You can choose which attributes to display using the attributes menu.

On the left side of the attributes menu are all available attributes in the input dataframe. On the right, all attributes that are included in the table will appear. To add or remove an attribute from the table, you can either drag-and-drop the attribute name to or from the used side of the menu, or click the x or + icons that appear upon hovering the attribute name.

Create a Histogram of Individual Columns

To visualize a specific column of a table as a chart, drag the column header (i.e. the column title) onto the canvas.

Grouping Operations

The group option allows users to group rows in a table based on one or more attributes. You can find this by clicking any column in the table header.

The aggregate function for any column in the table can be changed by clicking any ungrouped column in the table header.