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Einblick is a thoroughly collaborative environment; you can quickly and easily share your analysis with others. You can also work simultaneously with others over voice or video to easily solve problems.

Permission Levels


Each object (e.g. canvas, dataset) you create in Einblick has permissions associated with it. By default, the permission on a given object is private, meaning nobody else can access it.


To share an object with someone, you must grant them permissions for it. You can give them View permissions, allowing them to see the object.

For datasets, that means the shared user can use the dataset on a new canvas of their choosing (though no existing canvases are shared alongside the dataset)

For canvases, that means the shared user can view, but not modify any of the objects on a canvas.


Edit permissions allows the shared user them to modify and delete the item as they wish.

For datasets, that means changing the original query, or uploading a file to replace the existing data.

For canvases, this means the full ability to add or delete new cells on the canvas.

Implied Permissions in Canvases and Dashboards

Associated datasets, data connectors, and objects are automatically shared with view permissions to anyone who can access the parent object.

For example, if you share a canvas containing a private dataset, then anyone with access to the canvas can also view the dataset. However, they only have permissions in the context of the shared canvas, and not generally be available to these users outside of the canvas or in the main menu.