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In the main menu, you can share an object with others through the Share menu, available by right-clicking on any object you own or have Edit permissions for.

You can directly invite individual users by email and grant them view or edit permissions through this dialog. You can also ensure that everyone with the link is given permission to edit the canvas.

Users who are part of a Teams plan may share it with their entire organization as well.

Canvas and Dashboard Menu Sharing

Permissions can also be modified in canvases and dashboards directly using the Share button in the top right menu.

In canvases and dashboards, the sharing dialog also provides an option to copy the link to the object, which may be more convenient for quickly sharing something with other users.

Accessing Shared Items

Once an item (e.g. a canvas) has been shared with a user, that user can access it through the main menu, using the Shared with me filter on the left.

Sharing a Specific Cell

If you want a link to point to a specific cell in a canvas, you can use the Copy cell link option available by right-clicking the desired cell.

You can also copy link to a bookmark, and anyone using the link will go directly to the bookmark location and zoom level.