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Embedding Canvases and Dashboards

Embedding your Einblick canvas or dashboard can be a powerful way to share your analysis results on external sites like your blog or personal website.

Share Permissions

In order for your dashboard or canvas to be visible to everyone, the sharing permissions must to be set.

To allow all users viewing the embed to see, set permissions to Anyone with the link can view. For more information on how to set permissions, check out the Collaboration and Permissions docs.

If you want to restrict who can see your embedding, you can share it with the specific user, and they must log into Einblick on their browser before they can view.

Once your share permissions are setup, you just need to copy the embed link on the canvas or dashboard and paste it somewhere that supports HTML embedding. The embed link can be found in the share menu.

For instnce, you can embed it into a Notion document, your blog, an internal document repo, or more.

If the canvas is not displaying, ensure that your website/blog supports HTML IFrame embeds.