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In Einblick, dataframes are structured pieces of data (like spreadsheets in Excel or database tables) and are either generated by reading directly from a data source like a CSV file or SQL database (source dataframes) or from the output of an operator (computed dataframes).

Every dataframe appears as a small, colored circle on the canvas. Each has its own unique color that makes it distinguishable from others on the canvas. In the image below, all dataframes are circled in red.

Dataframes in a canvas

Source dataframes are displayed in the dataframes menu on the left side of a canvas. Any source dataframe can be dragged into an input slot of an operator, or directly onto the canvas, which opens a menu from which you can select an operator to create with the dataframe as an input.

Adding Datasets to a Canvas

To use a dataset in a canvas, you need to add it as a source dataframe. Click the + button in the dataframes menu and select the dataset from the menu that appears, as shown in the image below. Only datasets you have access to will be present in the menu. It will then appear as a source dataframe in the dataframes menu.

Promoting Computed Dataframes

As shown in the image below, any computed dataframe can be promoted to a source dataframe by dropping it onto the + button on the right side of the dataframes menu.

Promoting a dataframe