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Datasets and Data Connectors

A dataset represents a block of data from a data source for use in other parts of the application, such as in dataframes in canvases. Some types of datasets are derived from a data connector, which contains authorization details and connection information from an external source, such as an Oracle database.

Available Data Sources

Einblick currently supports the following sources for new datasets:

  • Uploads
    • CSV/TSV
    • Amazon S3 Buckets
  • Databases
    • BigQuery
    • Databricks
    • MySQL
    • Oracle
    • Postgres
    • Snowflake
    • Vertica
  • External
    • Google Sheets

Creating Datasets and Data Connectors

In the main menu, the Data tab contains all previously created datasets and supports the creation of new datasets and data connectors. Datasets and data connectors can be viewed by toggling the visible tabs (circled in blue), and a new dataset can be created after clicking the New dataset or New data connector button (circled in red).

When creating a new dataset, you will see the following menu, allowing you to choose the type of dataset you want to create. For CSV and TSV files, the Quick File Upload will generally suffice, but advanced customization on the upload process is available in the Advanced File Upload option. The remaining options support importing data from an external source, which may require a data connector as well.

For datasets requiring a data connector, like a SQL dataset, you will be prompted to choose or create a data connector, which controls authentication and connection information. When creating a new data connector, you will see the following menu, allowing you to choose the type of connector to create.

Data security and privacy are a top priority at Einblick, and further information on our security practices are available on the Data Security and Privacy page.