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Certain common operations in Einblick can be automated to run at specified times or intervals, through schedules. Schedules can be created and modified in the main menu, under the Schedules tab, and certain types of schedules can also be created on canvases, such as execution schedules.

Schedule Basics

There are five types of schedules, each supporting a different kind of automation. The five types are:

  • Operator: execute one or more operators
  • Dashboard: execute all operators in a dashboard
  • SQL dataset: refresh data from a database with a SQL query
  • S3 dataset: refresh data from an S3 bucket
  • Git synchronization (advanced): refresh operator code from a Git repository

Depending on the schedule type, a certain class of targets can be associated with the schedule. A target is an entity that will be refreshed/executed in accordance with the schedule's specified frequency. For example, a schedule with the SQL dataset type may have 4 datasets as targets, and each dataset will then be refreshed at the specified interval (e.g. 'Every Wednesday and Friday at 8am').

Creating Schedules in the Main Menu

Of the five schedule types, all but the Operator schedule type can be created in the Schedules tab of the main menu.

To create a schedule from the main menu, click the New schedule button in the Schedules tab. You will then see a dialog allowing you to specify the schedule's details, pictured below.

In this dialog, you are able to choose the schedule's type, targets, and frequency. All users can specify daily, weekly, or monthly schedules, but Premium users are also able to specify more complex scheduling frequencies, e.g. through the use of a cron expression.