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To assist in learning and exploring Einblick, we have built interactive tutorials going over core concepts of the platform. You can access them by going to the Tutorials page.

Tutorial Steps Window

Each tutorial will have a set of steps you need to complete to finish the tutorial. Each step corresponds with a purple prompt that will be attached to something you need to interact with. As you complete the steps they will be shown as completed in the tutorial steps window.

You can also Exit or Start over a tutorial using the Tutorial Step window.

Tutorial Step Prompt

A tutorial step prompt will describe the action you need to take to complete the associated tutorial step. In certain cases, a gif will be included to assist in completion of the tutorial step.

Tutorial Completion

Once a tutorial has been completed, two options will be given. Either you can Exit which will discard the current canvas and bring you to the Main Menu, or you can Stay with tutorial which will save the tutorial as a new canvas for you to continue working on.