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Using Einblick Prompt

How to Use Prompt

Prompt is available to every Einblick user. We have provided a number of videos and simple use cases below.

To get started, you can create a new cell with Prompt by selecting it from the top bar, or right-clicking on the canvas and selecting Prompt. Then you will be asked to enter your request. You can ask for suggestions on what to do, or just directly make a request.

Tips on Usage

Prompt is more than code generation. It is your data science reasoning agent. The easiest way to use it is to describe the end result you desire and let Prompt work out the details.

10 Second Demo

Be as specific as you want. If you have an exact library or detail you want it to take into account,Prompt can easily incorporate specific requests.

15 Second Demo

Results are editable. If what Prompt returned wasn’t what you expected, ask Prompt to “Change this cell” or even undo its last action.

10 Second Demo

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