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Examples of Einblick Prompt:

Need help figuring out what Prompt can do? Start with some of these to try it out!

🧹Speed up tedious data cleaning tasks.


Ask Prompt: Join table1 and table2 on col1 = col2.

Video Demo


Ask Prompt: Filter data for condition1 in col1 and condition2 in col2.


Ask Prompt: Create a new column for new_var based on var1 and var2.

📊Create complex graphs to present to stakeholders.

Simple Charting

Create a 2 x 3 grid of histograms showing the distribution of col1 by col2 and col3.

Transform, Then Chart

Ask Prompt: Create a heatmap, exclude var1, color by correlation.

Video Demo

Edit Charts

Click "Change this Cell" → Ask Prompt: Use new_package instead of the old_package, change color to blue.

Video Demo

🔎Explore your data.

Get Correlations

Ask Prompt: Show me the top correlations with my_var in a barchart.


Ask Prompt: Print descriptive statistics about my data.

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🏗️Build ML models and NLP tasks

Sentiment Analysis

Ask Prompt: Use the vader package to do sentiment analysis of col1.

Build Predictive Models

Ask Prompt: Build a random forest classifier model predicting var1.

Video Demo