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Python Environment

Python Versions

Change to different Python versions without annoying environment management

Endless Python versions has always been an annoying or even frustrating part of using Python. Does it make sense that you still have to keep Python 3.7 installed? No.

Within Einblick, you can now easily switch between Python versions with a single click, and never have to worry about managing versions again. PythonInit

Install Required Packages

Automatically install all required packages and initialize variables with the Init cell

You've always been able to %pip install in Einblick Python cells, but now you can ensure that they are automatically loaded as soon as the Python kernel starts by using the init cell. You can also set variables, and in general, prepare your canvas in this cell.



Keep your API keys and passwords safe with Secrets

Share your canvases without worrying about viewers seeing your secrets or having to store passwords in plain text. Input your API keys, passwords, tokens, etc... in the secrets tab, and keep the values safe, while still being able to collaborate on the Einblick canvas. PythonInit