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5 Minute Quickstart: The fastest crash course for Einblick

Logging In

Einblick is a browser based application. We recommend our users use Chrome or Edge (or another Chromoium browser) to access the platform. To access the online platform, visit

Creating a New Canvas and Upload Data

Simply click the New canvas button to make a new workspace. You can rename this workspace.

Then, hit the + button to upload your dataset (or connect to a database).

make canvas

Start Using Python Cells

Bring your dataset into Python by selecting the dataset as an input and naming the dataframe.

To add more cells, simply click on the Python cell button below the current Python cell in order to make a new cell below.

make python

Start Using Python Cells

Prompt lets you accomplish any task just by describing what you want to do.

You can ask simple tasks like "make a histogram of X," or "show correlation of numeric variables as a heatmap," or even complex tasks describing what you want to do in detail. use prompt

Make a Table, Chart, and More

Click on the Table button, and a quick preview will generate. You can drag columns out from the table to visualize the columns via the Chart operator.

You can also select advanced no-code Cells from the dropdown as well. make python

Manage the Python Environment

Change the Python version, install / import packages, and set up secret variables from the Mange environment tab. make canvas

Other Steps to Check Out