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Keyboard Shortcuts

How to Zoom In/Out?

Einblick unbounded canvases can be easily navigated using the following zoom in/out shortcuts.

Zoom with trackpad

Users using a device with a trackpad can use a pinch in and pinch out gesture to quickly zoom in and zoom out in a canvas.

Zoom with non-trackpad

Users using a device without a trackpad can use a combination of a mouse wheel and the CTRL button to quickly zoom in and zoom out in a canvas.

Einblick's visualizations are not static and can be used to compose visual queries over your data. Visual queries and filter links benefit from the following shortcuts.

Standard Filter

If you drag out the bottom right icon of a chart onto another compatible visualization you will obtain a standard filter.

Standard Filter

Brushing Filter

If you click one time on a standard filter you will obtain a brushing filter. Brushing filters are useful to highlight the contribution of an upstream population into a downstream distribution.

Brushing Filter

Negation Filter

If you click two times on a standard filter you will obtain a negation filter. A negation filter simply negates the selection made in the upstream visualization.

Negation Filter

Boolean Clauses

It is possible to combine multiple filters using the and/or logical operator by clicking on the target visualization/operator input filter.

Boolean Operator Toggle


The operators displayed in a canvas can be deleted using the following shortcuts.

Right Click

Right-click on any visualization to quickly access that operator menu from which you can delete the operator itself.

Bulk Delete

To perform a bulk delete of many operators in a canvas just press the CTRL button while pressing the left button of your mouse. A yellow line will appear indicating the area that is going to be touched by the bulk delete.

Bulk Delete

Chart Selection

Bulk Selection

To select multiple bins or points from a visualization just press the CTRL button while pressing the left button of your mouse. IMPORTANT: Be careful to remain within the visualization boundaries, if your scribble goes outside the visualization your scribble will turn into a Bulk Delete, which will delete your visualization.

Bulk Selection

Canvas Blocks and Multiselect

To create a canvas block, hold CTRL and draw a circle on the canvas. If you draw without touching any operators, it will automatically create a canvas block.

When drawing this gesture over operators, you will be given the option to create a canvas block, or to multiselect all the operators.