Senior Backend Engineer

About this role…

- You will develop and implement new features and algorithms for our novel streaming and sampling engine.
- You will work closely with frontend and AI team to provide efficient and easy-to-use infrastructure.
- You will increases the reliability and performance of existing components and help to develop best practices to ensure the overall quality of our code base.
- You will integrate and improve open-source libraries and contribute back.
- You will communicate and collaborate with our customers to assist the deployment.

You might be a good fit if...

- You have excellent programming skills in C++ and you are familiar with Python.
- You have outstanding design, debugging and problem-solving skills.
- You have at least 6 years of experience in data processing / data management systems and large codebases don’t scare you.
- You know your way around cloud environments (Docker, Kubernetes, etc).
- Terms like “Adaboost”, “loss function”, “Apriori”, or writing a design document don’t scare you.
- You can pick up most technologies as you go.
- Bonus: you’re a data enthusiast and love exploring, analyzing, playing, tell stories with data.

einblick analytics, inc.
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Cambridge, MA 02139