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Build your entire data workflow with just one sentence

Explore data and find insights by having conversations with Einblick Prompt. Leave debugging syntax and configuring building blocks to us, while you focus on the big picture. Sign up for free to gain access and see what the future of data science looks like.

Prompt is live!
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Natural language kickstarts data projects

Read our blog post to learn why we are so excited about this.

From text to workflow in seconds

Whether you want to compare subpopulations, run customer churn analysis, or build regression and classification models, if you can verbalize it, Prompt will build it.

The future of programming is natural language

Forget about forgotten syntax or getting bogged down by learning a new package. Keep building out your data science workflow as fast as you can think through your process. Create continuously, prompt-by-prompt, from table to SQL to Python, and back again.

A data concierge to refine any step in your workflow

A first model or data pipeline is never final. Now in every Einblick cell, you can chat with Einblick Prompt to tweak or refine anything, such as axis labels, colors, bin widths, and filter criteria.

Add your own plug-ins – Prompt will learn

Make the Prompt AI smarter with your own plug-ins and no-code UI widgets. Add anything from custom visualizations, data cleaning and transformation snippets, or your own AutoML.


At this time, we plan to release the feature to all Einblick users, including those on the free tier, at no extra charge. Rate limits for free users may be introduced.

Yes! You can sign up for a free Einblick account any time. Check out our quick start guide and demo video for more information.

Your datasets will not be shared with any third parties. Workflow metadata, including column names or console outputs, may be shared to provide context. Furthermore, we only partner with vetted third parties who comply with industry best practice security policies, and have audited proof of adherence to standards like SOC 2. OpenAI has committed to not doing model training over user data.

We have extended OpenAI’s API with additional training done over data, Einblick Cells, and workflow-specific context. That’s why you can ask Einblick Prompt to build a workflow over your data, but ChatGPT by default would have no idea.

You do not. Einblick and all its features, including Prompt, are cloud hosted and accessed via your browser.