Einblick is for hands-on analysis

Dive into your data, no code needed

Everyone needs to use data, but not everyone needs to be a data scientist. Use Einblick’s intuitive visual interface to more quickly dive into your data and get to the answers you need. Faster than spreadsheets and no code needed.

Working with data has never been easier

There are so many more questions and hypotheses, and frankly, not enough data science bandwidth on the team. So when you have a quick question and need to dive into data, Einblick allows you to create answers quickly with an intuitive visual interface. Access both basic and advanced analytics functionality on an accessible browser-based platform.

Bring in support on the fly

Einblick is the only software platform with video-enabled multiplayer workspaces that lets collaborators work together in real time. Bring in your stakeholders to give feedback and iterate on analysis with you. Or, call in a data science expert to debug your workflow and review for errors.

Get to answers faster

Einblick’s outputs are designed around the common analysis questions, and directly take you to an answer within a few clicks. Whether familiar pivot charts and tables, mining data through Key Driver Analysis, skimming a summary of your entire dataset with profiler, or poking into AutoML, Einblick has a complete set of features to take you from 0 to 1.

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