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Get to deeper insights, faster

Simplify and automate the analyses you are already running in a fast, web-based analytics platform. Then, enhance your SQL outputs with dynamic Charts and Tables. Use bookmarks and data zones to easily share your work with teammates and stakeholders.

Manage complex datasets and custom transformations

Until recently, most organizations worked with “a bit of big data.” But legacy software cannot keep up with data size and complexity anymore. With Einblick, you can connect directly to your raw data in databases or files, and use advanced data transformation functions to create end-to-end analysis pipelines. Then, you can create schedules to automate the whole process.

Go beyond spreadsheets, 2022 is when Excel dies

Through built-in capabilities, and the creativity and grit of its users, Excel has provided the backbone of strategic analysis for decades. But whether trying to quickly make charts, filtering based on multiple criteria, or sharing with stakeholders, Einblick’s interactive components provide the next level of analytic sophistication without sacrificing ease of use.

Leverage OpenAI in every SQL or Python cell

In every SQL and Python cell in Einblick, your AI Assistant is ready in the bottom right corner. “Fix” syntax errors instantly. “Generate” code on the fly. “Explain” code via comments with just a click. Whether you’ve got some working code, want to try a new library, or if you’re starting a project from scratch, our AI Assistant can bring code examples directly to you.

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