Einblick is for data scientists

Unlock speed, productivity, and collaboration

Work as quickly as you think by mixing modalities from Python to SQL to interactive components, like Charts, Tables, and Filters. Collaborate seamlessly with your teammates and stakeholders on data canvases.

The first canvas-based notebook

Go beyond linear notebooks, and see why Einblick's canvas based approach to notebooks helps data scientists find better ideas faster

Coding is good, repetitive coding is a waste of time

Data scientists are measured by their ability to extract actionable insights that the business can execute, not on the lines of code written. From data cleaning to exploratory data analysis, our platform takes care of repetitive tasks so you can focus on deploying effective code.

Real-time coordination with stakeholders saves time and energy

Real-time collaboration has become the norm in many domains, but data science is still stuck on notebooks and PowerPoint. Cut out back-and-forth with stakeholders; and join a single workspace together to decide what is the business target, which levers are allowed to be pulled in implementation. Then, invite your peers in to review and iterate on analysis on the browser-based canvas.

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