Einblick is for learners

A realtime collaborative whiteboard for learning data science

Interact with peers and instructors in realtime on Einblick’s visual data boards, and experience the fastest and most intuitive way to start learning data science. No code operators help you grasp concepts, while a visual Python workflow improves ease of coding.

A virtual classroom for all to join

Einblick is the only software platform with video-enabled multiplayer workspaces that lets collaborators work together in real time. Debug problems, answer questions, and work past blockers in a virtual data board that recreates the magic of in-person interactions.

Learn the concepts, and then code

Einblick fully supports both no code operations and Python. At the beginning, we first abstract away the tedious syntax errors and let you focus on learning the concepts. Then, use Python in a visual workflow and see your analysis come to life step by step.

Access anywhere with no overhead

No troubleshooting with IT in prep or with students to set up an environment. Einblick is a web-based platform which allows you to dig into syllabus content immediately on pre-prepared template workspaces.

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